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Smithy.co is the type of company that handles the nuts and bolts as well as the spit and polish. We work in what web developers call “the full stack”. It’s the total package. We can handle your domain name, your web hosting, your emails, and all the A records and Apache directives that you’d rather not have to deal with. Let us manage your existing hosting and domain name accounts, or take advantage of our provided hosting at competitive rates.


Use your imagination. You want your website to be a work horse, but an eye-catching work horse. A show-stopping work horse. A well-organized, user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly, performance-ready work horse. We do that sort of thing here. First class web sites. We’ll help you capture the vision you have for your business, brand, or blog.


We don’t create beautiful, well-built websites only to leave them buried in the dusty back room of page 107 in the Google search results. Using advanced analytic tools, we keep our finger on the pulse of the constantly shifting requirements that the lead search engines have for appearing on their top pages. Not only that, but we understand the role that well written content, site infrastructure, and social media plays in optimization.


Often, you’ll see other companies offer design services that do little more than change the colors of pre-built templates. A splash of paint or a sexy graphic can certainly grab someone’s attention, but our services go deeper than that. We have the skills and experience to bend to your beck and call modern content management systems like Drupal or WordPress. We also work with frameworks like Laravel and CodeIgniter for a completely customized experience.


Do you have a product that you want to make available to a larger audience? Do you have an existing shopping site that needs some optimization? Are you hoping to have a larger impact on the existing customers in your area? We know how to work with the latest ecommerce web applications, and we can help you develop a strategy for simplifying your overhead with existing shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping or Etsy.

Content Strategy

Content strategy is the roadmap for making your website work long term. A good design and an easy to navigate site can only keep the public’s attention before something new comes along. By developing a plan for authoring regular, exciting content and staying attuned to the culture of your audience through social networks, that initial thrill of launching a new venture will continue to gain traction over the months to come.


One of the strengths of The Smithy Creative Company is our experience with teaching and training in web technologies. We don’t believe in keeping all the knowledge partitioned off from our clients; rather, we believe in giving you a clear understanding of how your site operates, and how you can take a part in its administration. Though we are certainly happy to continue management of the site, we also provide the option to train the person or staff who will receive site responsibilities when it is handed off to them.


Your site is launched! Your audience is flocking! Business is booming! And suddenly, you need to make changes. New features, new requirements, new horizons for your business. Sure, you can go into red-alert mode and try and scramble to make updates before things come crashing down, with a developer who is completely unfamiliar with how your site works. Or you can take advantage of our managed agreements, and feel confident that someone skilled is keeping watch over your investment.

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